authority as king and lamb

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in matthew 21, jesus approached jerusalem 5 days before his death to proclaim to the nation of israel that he was the king of the jews as well as the passover lamb.  everything was now pointing to him as the “son of David” about to be offered up for the sins of the world.  prior this event 3 events take place in chapter 20 to prepare for his triumphal entry:  v17-19 – his predicted death/resurrection; v20-28 – his suffering/reigning discussion with Zebedees mom and v29-34 – his giving sight/salvation to the blind.  he was going to die but rise for the salvation of mankind.  however, as we look at the text in chapter 21 there are 3 gold nuggets that leap of the pages that gives missional Christians the keys to introducing jesus to a world that rejects him.  the first is humble service (v1-5) – jesus selects a humble/patient beast to ride when kings typically choose chariots and horses.  obviously, he didn’t need a ride but did seek to fulfill zechariah 9:9 predicted the coming messianic king on a donkey.  also, jesus’ disciples demonstrated humility in fetching the best option for their king – a donkey and a colt.  secondly, personal sacrifice (v6-8) as jesus sacrifices his reputation by associating with a stinky field beast.  notice unlike us, he wasn’t trying to impress anyone with his “ride.”  notice the disciples personal sacrifice in being willing to sacrifice their cloaks on the saddleless donkey as well as on the ground in honor of their king.  are you characterized by sacrificing your possessions in honor of the king?  before you answer recognize that the dusty streets of the middle east are totally different that the roads and floors of today.  if you want to introduce your king to hostile culture then it’s going to take personal sacrifice.  notice the response of the crowd.  those around watching took note and did just as the disciples did in honor of the messiah.  they even climbed up into trees to cut down palms in order to lay down to form the “red carpet” for jesus.  lastly, unashamed worship echoed throughout the land.  did he look like a king?  no!  it wasn’t about looks, it was about a heart the cried out – praise the Lord.  they proclaimed loudly that this was their long awaited messiah.  they continued to shout, praising God for sending the messiah.  wow!  wouldn’t it be phenomenal if we would live a life of unashamed worship before our world?  we should be telling the world with our praise that this is the KING – his name is jesus.  let’s introduce jesus to the world looking for opportunities to humby serve, to make personal sacrifices and to proclaim unashamed worship-filled lives.  happy palm sunday from the well.