An Intense Hatred for the Prosperity Gospel

09/02/2009   |   church life, Featured, growth    |       |    3 Comments

Our love of money more than people is robbing our testimony before the world and our ability to care for the world the way Jesus does.  When we believe that our money and the opportunities it affords us is more important than the opportunities that money affords the kingdom of God, we have made a tragic error.

In my twenty-two years as a Christian, I have seen preachers beg “Christians” to give to no avail.  I will never do this because my begging can’t help anyone understand the gospel enough to understand why they are in sin.  But instead, my heart is compelled to boldly proclaim that the non-giver of God’s money doesn’t love Jesus but instead loves “their” money.

Here’s what’s crazy… Preachers all across America know that “Christians” love to worship money more than Jesus but instead of telling them that they are in sin they have conjured up a “prosperity gospel” that’s not the gospel.  And because they love money, we have entire movements of deceived people selling an empty promise. John Piper hits it right on the nail.

For the record, I hate the prosperity gospel because Jesus hates false teachers. In these lean economic times, trust the “gospel” and pursue satisfaction in Jesus, even if you have to suffer through this period of time. I’d love to hear your take on this “false gospel.” Please share.