Amped up about today!

01/22/2007   |   church life    |       |    0 Comment

Today was an awesome time for me as a pastor… We had a sweet time of worship, fellowship and time in the Word. Being a simple church is our desire… and staying as true to the early church without becoming a PROGRAMMATIC BEAST is our passion.  After service we took a 5 min. intermission and jumped into our strategic plan as we get ready for the launch on March 4th.  One of my desires as a pastor is to help our partners and visitors know who we are and where we are going.  I told myself as a pastor before I started planting this church that by God’s grace I wanted to get the “strategy” out of my head and into the hearts of people.  Trust me!  The temptation is always to stay in the head because it takes energy and intentionality to impart vision to people.  In a nutshell I was thrilled at the opportunity to share what the leaders and I see as the strategic plan for Wellspring over the next 11 months.

Thank you, Wellspring partners who have committed to not only hearing the vision and plan but steppin’ to the plate and volunteering and playing a role in making it happen.  As a pastor, six months into this at our current location – I’m amped up!  I hope you are as well. 

To our visitors, my prayer is that you experienced God’s truth and love and feel compelled by the Holy Spirit to come back and even join with us.  Like I said today, it’s a pleasure to serve as the Lead Pastor of Wellspring… I praise the Lord for all of the people that God has given me to shepherd and serve.