a spoken example

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wouldn’t it be astonishing to speak only out of the father’s resources?  just think about it… everything that comes out of our mouths would have an authorized signature stamp from the father.  with this said i need to stop typing right now and call a host of folks, asking them to forgive me.  we do so many things in the name of “fun”, to get back, to stay one-up, to defend, to prove a point, off the cuff, for no reason at all…  God help me watch what i say!  someone’s eternal destiny could be contingent on what i say. 

being interrogated by those hard-hearted pharisees to prove his identity, jesus said, “when you raise up the son of man then you’ll know who i am and that i do nothing on my own but speak just what the father has taught me” (v28).  when you read this don’t you just want to say to yourself, “just shut up sometimes?”  it is humbling when you count how many times in an hour you’ve blown it.  jesus was always in submission to the father even in his speech.  his speech was always an indicator of the father’s presence because he always sought to please the father.  in the text it even says. that even as he spoke many put their faith in Him.  even as he spoke?

oh, how he reminds me to desire to draw people closer to him by what i say.  not that what i say is so clever or unique but as i seek to please the father my words will communicate his presence to those around me.  let’s live out jesus’ spoken example so that many in this “voice-full” culture will put their faith in Him.  Deal?

john 8:27-29