a real christmas

12/29/2006   |   Uncategorized    |       |    1 Comment

Christmas boxIn the Christmas season, it’s so easy to unknowingly reduce the birth of our Savior to a time of celebration as well as “our time” to prove to the unbelieving world that Jesus is the reason for the season.  Yet when I read in John 1:14-18, it tells us that our Savior became human so that He could engage with people who needed him.  The Word became flesh and tabernacled in the midst of people.  Journeying further in the text, I see that His glory was beheld by those around Him.  In other words, He didn’t simply engage for engaging sake, He engaged in order to exemplify grace and truth.  The language of the text suggests that it was so profound in His life that it dripped out of his pours… Lastly, John tells us that in the presence of Jesus Christ they received grace on top of grace.  Jesus Christ gave those around Him an extravagant grace… He gave them a constant supply of undeserved love.  As we peer into the Script ures, it’s clear that this explaination of the humanity of Christ seems so different from how we respond to the Savior today.  John encourages us and I encourage you to engage with those around you during this holiday season exemplifying grace and truth with an endless supply of extravagant grace. Merry Christmas from the Wellspring community!