a fatal disconnect

06/20/2006   |   Uncategorized    |       |    3 Comments

did you know that church is not about a building but a body?  church is not about a place to go but a people to get to know.  the degree in which you engage with the body will determine your ability to live out who the body represents, jesus christ.  planting a church from scratch has reminded me that our identity is not based on what building we identify as ours but how we gather and engage as people.

 i’m finding that there are so many people around us not plugged into a community of believers.  could it be that we have made church more about a place to go and not a people to be with?  keep your ears and eyes open because there are so many people wandering around isolated and longing for a community to engage with, not a place to go.  as you engage with people, start by inviting them into a community and not a “church” building.  invite them to lunch, dinner, your house, out for coffee or to breakfast.  think about it.  would a person who has been by themselves feel comfortable in a room full of people they don’t know?  some are ready to take the plunge into “big community” but from my experience the majority are not.  at least before we invite them to a large gathering let’s invite them to meet with a few. to go from being disconnected to being introduced to a crowd typically is intimidating. 

let’s intentionally engage by inviting people out of “alone-ness”  into a intimate and reliable community of love.    your invitation could “save” their lives.  remember, it doesn’t take a building to do that!