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journeying through psalm 119, you can see an authenticity in the life of the psalmist that resonates with my heart.  in a recent study of verses 25-32, I learned that God wants to use His Word to revive hurting Christians… coming from a counselor’s perspective I honestly without realizing it (before studying this passage) would give precedence to another human helping the hurting rather than the Word (itself).  sounds so un-Christian doesn’t it… Yes!  that’s the conviction I feel but embrace the new appreciation I have for the power and relevance of God’s Word.  I always knew that God’s Word could heal the hurting… but the practical how-to process was always missing… I see specifically in this text that God can revive the hurting Christian with the Word (alone).  I’m not saying that God doesn’t use godly, and/or skilled people but the power to heal and revive isn’t in the person but in the Word. 

However, whether we do or don’t experience God’s reviving with the Word can be contingent on whether we believe God can even do it…  Most of us believe God can do it but not necessarily with the Word alone?  You may be saying what I said when I was studying this passage, “Why are so many people not experiencing God’s reviving and healing?”  I believe the Word shows us that we intentionally or unintentionally avoid the Word and consequently, distance ourselves from God…  We buy into our own ability or inability to understand what is happening in our lives; we believe the lies that our circumstances tell us about who we are and who God is; and we depend on our own power or lack thereof to sustain ourselves while going through. 

on the contrary, we see the psalmist asking God for help because he believes that God can teach him, sustain him and unite him with the Word of God…  This nugget has really sparked a passion in me for God’s Word to have the opportunity to come alive in the hearts of people in general, but especially my own.  The Scripture is truth that is relevant for dealing with life and its struggles… Let’s ban together to be a catalyst for a resurgence of inspired truth lived out in the human experience.  Thanks for listening…