20Truths – Word of God (Wk2)

06/10/2008   |   growth    |       |    2 Comments

We jumped right into our study this past Sunday dealing with the four characteristics of the word of God.  We chose not to delve into canonization in order not to become too detailed in our study.  It was fun!  Alot of great questions and incredible insights.

 Authority of Scripture (pg.13, 14): 

  • “thus says the Lord” demonstrates the authority of a king. 
  • 2 Tim. 3:16 shows us that all Scripture is breathed out by God.
  • 2 Pet.3:16 - the OT/NT are the Scriptures 
  • Our highest authority is the Scriptures, God’s words
  • The Scriptures are truth (John 17:17)

Clarity of Scripture (pg.16, 17)

  • Scripture makes us wise (Ps.19:7)
  • The unbeliever can’t understand Scripture because it is spiritually discerned through the Holy Spirit which he or she doesn’t possess (1 Cor.2:14).
  • Understanding the author’s original intent in writing a particular passage is critical.

Necessity of Scripture (pg.17):

  • Preaching Scripture isn’t outdated and ineffective if what is being preached is Scripture (Rom.10:14).
  • We need God’s word in order to grow (Matt.4:4).
  • God’s will is known through his Word.

Sufficiency of Scripture (pg.18, 19)

  • The word of God is sufficient to become a Christian, live and grow.
  • We don’t need to add anything to Scripture; it’s sufficient all by itself.
  • God revealed what he wanted us to know about himself in Scripture.

Give us your thoughts about what you think about these four characteristics.  June 15th we’ll be studying about the doctrine of God.